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City Sky

a little about me



   about me I first started editing at the age of 12 stayed most of my younger days inside practicing and learning everything on how to become the best editor. That soon to be young hobbie started to turn into a earning career in the beginning of 2020 when i started to build connection and relationships with future partner, clients and best of all friends. Although 2020 wasn't America's best year it definitely was a big break to stand out for all creators who had skill and maybe not even skill but consistency. My supporters were always just close friends but they saw the potential i had inside and i believed that i could push my work hard enough and that's what my 2019 consisted of, It was failing as much as i could and investing in equipment watching classes working on my brand, cheers to this journey and the style i live now it couldn't have been done without each and everyone of you that love to watch my videos.

Thank you all !


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